Professional solutions for healthcare providers

The health care sector is one of the most sensitive sectors, which should be paid a great attention, especially in the way services are provided to the public, and the processes of social communication with patients.
E-marketing for health centers and services is a “primary option” to support the brand and raise the rate of reservations, especially if we know that more than 70% of patients search online for a medical center or doctor before the visit, and if we know that patients are evaluated and affected by the presence of this center on Social media.

Let’s imagine, for example: two highly professional dentists, one of whom relies solely on the clinic’s clients and the reputation of his work, and the other, in addition to the reputation of his work, on a marketing agency that worked with him to support his personal brand by highlighting his work, demonstrating his positive impact in the community, and telling stories about his success and presenting the impressions of his clients to the public, in addition to presenting the address of his clinic correctly to researchers in general (for example: an excellent dentist), in addition to managing the clinic’s social media channels and building a relationship with his clients … and others.
Of course, we all know which doctor will achieve returns that are many times higher than the other.

ANWAA solutions for

Hospitals and medical centers:

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Insurance companies and providers of medical and pharmaceutical tools:

Anwaa solutions for

cosmetic clinics:

It means general cosmetic centers, or specialized clinics such as skin and dermatology clinics, and hair treatment and transplantation clinics:


Developing the clinic's website in a professional manner that combines form and content.


Building effective digital marketing strategies that fit the sector and achieve results in attracting more potential customers (including managing social media channels - managing funded advertising campaigns).


Photography and video shooting, and building virtual trips for potential clients inside the clinic (360 Virtual Tour).


Improving the presence of the clinic's website in search engines (SEO).

Anwaa solutions for

Dentists and dental clinics: