Food & Drinks

There is no doubt that the food and drink sector is the most vibrant sector, but the fierce competition and the weakness of food supply chains as a result of the crises put the sector in front of great challenges, and prompt a greater need to enhance the reputation and brand, and create effective solutions for growth and expansion based on technology and marketing.

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Food and Beverage Factories:

What do offer to the food and beverage sector in Anwaa?

The long specialized experience of Anwaa’s team, through working with food companies and factories in the areas of marketing, sales, organizing food events and even packaging, makes it work as a true partner alongside the marketing department in your factory, and a contributor to provide the following solutions:

Creating & Developing

Creating and developing the website and building specialized technical applications and solutions.


Implementing a brand strategy.

Sales Channels

Launching new sales channels based on B2B2C technology

Digital Marketing

Managing digital marketing and social media channels for the company's products.

Creative Ideas

Implementing creative ideas in the areas of packaging the products.

Coffee & Restaurant.

The quality of food, drinks and the perfect service are essential factors for customers to prefer your restaurant or cafe, but the affiliation of these customers must be accompanied by an integrated marketing work that starts from the visual identity of the restaurant / café, which does not stop in creativity and development.

Our solutions for

Restaurants & Cafes:


The opportunities for sales growth in the food and beverage sector are always there, but the most important thing is that we create tools and solutions that make them easily accessible.

E-commerce solutions

For restaurants & cafes:


Implementing food requesting online platforms (electronic stores)


Implementing systems and solutions and train your teams on them (software - hardware)


Give a hand with the inclusion of the restaurant/cafe in specialized food requesting applications.

Packaging Solutions

Packaging innovation makes your product the sales manager in your absence!